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Who is Marlin Marketing

We're bright, aggressive, creative and innovative.  And we specialize in producting results.  We can do it all, or any part of it, for you.

Bold? Ambitious?

Yes, but experienced too.  Our associates include professionals who are highly skillied in every aspect of website creative from design, content writing, custom analysis and customer service.  With a combined 50+ years of marketing experience, Marlin Marketing is the leader of this talent-based group.  They have worked with hundreds of law firms in the design, development and optimization of their law firm's websites.

Find out more about what Steve Gorzak is doing to separate your law from from your competition.  Call (630) 561-8896 for a Free Consultation.

What is Marlin Marketing doing ...
to separate your law firm from your competition?

  • Lower costs by utilizing Google preferred technology, responsive design website, combining a traditional website and mobile site into one product
  • Deliver faster speed-to-market
  • Provide quarterly site performance review through custom analytical reports and search results
  • Implement appropriate site adjustments based on analytics, observations and client feedback

Our success, which translates to your success, is based on these three factors:

  • Product recommendations based on sophisticated data and analytics, combined with thorough knowledge of each client’s needs and goals
  • Well defined and detailed client site performance goals
  • Continuous site optimization