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Mobile Websites For Your Law Firm

For People on the Go

Mobile Internet use is forecast to overtake desktop and laptop use in 2015. In some countries it already has. So what does that mean for you? You need to integrate a mobile platform into your new website. And, many of your competitors already have a mobile-friendly site, so you may be losing business to them without a mobile presence.

Over 50% of mobile device traffic starts with a search engine. The most common searches on mobile are for local business.

User Experience

Have you ever tried to navigate a website on a mobile phone?

If it isn’t designed to adapt to the small screen of a smart phone the user will have to swipe left and right, enlarge and decrease over and over just to be able to read the site.

Click to Call

Allows the user one touch of your phone number to have their phone call you automatically

Click for Directions

Launches the users phone navigation app to help your client get to your office quickly

Click to Email

Launches the user’s preferred email program with your Law Firm’s email address. That is automatically added to the sender line that allows the potential client to easily send you an email.

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