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Gary Newland

Partner at Newland & Newland LLP

“Steve, is excellent at his job and a pleasure to work with. I would recomend Steve to anyone needing his services. Perhaps Carly Simon put it best when she said " Nobody does it better, makes me feel bad for the rest.”

Tom Glasgow

“I highly recommend Steve Gorzak. During the period of time I worked with Steve, he exhibited trustworthiness, diligence, and a true concern for my business's well-being. Steve is not only highly proficient in this field and knowledgeable of the subject matter, he was consistently accessible to me and very responsive to both my and my businesses needs. He promptly addressed concerns that I had for my business and each time he addressed these concerns it yielded positive results for me.

Steve's expertise was a great benefit to both my business and the business' needs. He is patient and takes the time to guide you through complex issues, which are not commonplace for my particular field practice. I look forward to working with Steve in the future and have the absolute confidence that his commitment to my business has been a key part of my business' success. ”

Regina Nelson

Brady, Connolly & Masuda

“After much time spent reviewing/interviewing website providers, I was happy to find Steve Gorzak. Steve was a pleasure from day one. Very knowledgeable, creative, fair and understanding. Always willing to help, brainstorm and work with you as much as possible to get the job done. His patience, talent and personality sets him apart from the rest! I highly recommend Steve for any project.”

Kimberly Griffin Tucker

President at The Law Office of Kimberly Griffin Tucker

“Steve has provided outstanding services and I highly recommend him to anyone!”

Steve Newland

Partner at Newland & Newland, LLP

“Steve is brilliant with his work on our website. He has a great understanding of the internet and how it works to get the exposure that we are seeking. I highly recommend Steve for any business seeking to enhance their presence on the internet.”

Caianda Handley

Freelance Writer | Journalist | Web Content Manager | Entertainment Coordinator

“Steve is the kind of person who can handle the most difficult projects with ease. Steve was responsible for developing strong working relationships with clients, web designers, and content writers. He always made himself available to answer any questions and to address any concerns. Steve knows how to solve problems and is very supportive of his team.”