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Your website is your law firm’s link to today’s world of ever changing technology.

The Secret To Getting Your Law Firm Found On The Internet

How does Marlin Marketing...
    ...optimize your law firm’s search potential?

Dashboards are not a Strategy. They are not a true indicator of your site’s performance. Based on analysis, we can determine real time updates that your law firm’s website needs. This increases the quality of traffic to your website, and ultimately improves your revenues by acquiring new clients. Our goal is to increase your site’s search engine relevance by optimizing your website to accomplish the following:

  • Allow potential clients to easily find your law firm in a natural search
  • Supply relevant referral sites with high link values in which to list your firm to optimize exposure

Troubleshooting Techniques

Monitor your Marketing Decisions and Tactics in Real Time
We are able to adjust search engine optimization (SEO) on the fly as well as improve/revise navigation and content

Monitor the Success of your Internet Marketing Solutions
We will provide your law firm with monthly, quarterly and/or annual performance updates. Our team will also maintain and adapt to Google changes along with other major search engines.

Successful websites need Continuous
Search Engine Optimization and Site Growth through:
Content • Social Media • Videos • Blogs

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