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Attorney Website Design 

What Does Marlin Marlin Marketing Do To Design Your Law Firm's Website

We create striking and eye-catching graphics that make a bold statement about your law firm. Custom website designs will give your firm an individual look that will be noticed within 3 seconds. Remember the rule.

Your website goals and needs are unique to your law firm. What worked for someone else may not work for you. Marlin Marketing's approach is to develop solutions for your particular firm. Design is critical to keeping the user on site resulting in a higher percentage of contacts to your law firm, which increases your clientelle.

Priority One ... and Two: Drive viewers to your site & convert visitors to clients

If you don’t have people visiting your website, the other stuff is just fluff. We are ardent believers in Responsive Web Design technology.

Responsive Web Design allows your law firm’s website to provide a greater user experience across many devices and screen sizes. It also improves the SEO results. Responsive Web Design makes a single site accessible from all devices including PCs, Laptops, iPhones, iPads, Android phones, Smartphones, tablets or tabs. Your site can be browsed from anywhere in the world.

Search Engine Optimization

Marlin Marketing’s goal is to optimize the search engine for your law firm’s website. This is how they do it:

  • Researches your competition
  • Targets search term keywords
  • Places keywords in most optimal areas of your site to increase the favorable site crawl which provides a higher result in the search engines
  • Supplies you advantages in terms of inbound links if you have separate versions of your site – one for PCs and one for mobile devices

Ultimately, it’s about how many quality contacts that are generated by your internet marketing program.

Contact us to find out more about what Marlin Marketing is doing to separate your law firm from your competition.